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Our history

HOT NOW opens its doors in May 2018 in the legendary Chueca neighborhood. The room is designed thinking that the magic happens in full view of the diner, a single space that revolves around a large table designed with the shou sugi ban technique. Around it, every detail has been strategically designed to develop a chic and casual atmosphere at the same time.
Creating the ideal pizza has taken us time, tests and... (it's a secret). What we can tell you is that our dough ferments and evolves for 48 hours; that thermodynamics plays an important role in the finishing of our pizzas and that is why our ovens vibrate at 400oC and it only takes 90 seconds to get perfect cooking.

Once the technique was mastered, the dilemma came: why make one more pizza? Our chef Rafa Bergamo and our Master Pizzaiolo Roberto Borghesi have poured all their know-how into signature pizzas that have already captivated the hearts of the people of Madrid.

Over time we have found the perfect formula, we have overcome the barrier of pigeonholing ourselves in a classic Neapolitan pizza, to present authentic signature pizzas to Madrid.

Proof of this is our signature pizza La Pistacho that continues over the years to be the great favorite and this year awarded as THE BEST PIZZA IN SPAIN 2022.

Unique and daring combinations... authentically HOT. Also in HOT NOW you can enjoy special pizzas
According to the benefits of the season, samples of them are the Norway with Salmon and the Figuetta with Figs.

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